Human Insulin Production

The hormone insulin is essential for the control of blood sugar levels. Diabetes mellitus is a disease in which some people cannot make insulin themselves. This disease kills many people in the world every year.Insulin has been used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus since 1922 when Leonard Thompson became the first human to receive an injection of man-made insulin.

Production of Genetic Engineered Insulin

1. Human insulin is extracted from pancreas cells and an insulin-producing gene is isolated.

2. A plasmid DNA is extracted from a bacterium and cut with restriction enzyme, forming plasmid vector.

3. Insert human insulin-producing gene into the bacterial plasmid vector to form the recombinant DNA of human insulin-producing gene.

4. Introduce this recombinant DNA into a bacterial cell to form the recombinant bacterium.

5. The recombinant bacteria multiply in a fermentation tank and produce human insulin.

6. Insulin is extracted, purified and bottled. It is then ready to be injected into diabetic patients.