Diseases and its causes


DISEASE is basically a departure from normal health through structural  or functional disorders of the body. In a layman’s terminology , when a person is not  at ease ,but at “dis-ease” is called  a disease.

The main causes of diseases in humans are :

  • ·        GENETIC or heritable diseases which are caused by genetic mutation. (e.g., Down Syndrome, Haemophilia etc)

  • ·        NUTRITION DEFICIENCY (e.g., Scurvy, beri -beri, anaemia, goiter, kwashiorkor, etc)
  • ·        HOMEOSTASIS OR METABOLIC AND HORMONAL DISORDERS  like suger, diabetes, cretinism etc.
  • ·        PHYSICAL DISORDERS due to accident  , injury, heat, cold, radiation.etc
  • ·        CHEMICAL CAUSES like poisoning, drug abuse, smoking, alcohol, pollutants etc.
  • ·        PATHOGENIC (biological agents) or infectious diseases due to other living organisms (e.g., diphtheria, small pox, ringworm, malaria, etc

  • ·        AGING or degenerative diseases (e.g., osteoarthritis, arteriosclerosis, cataract etc.)