Significance of H-S Pathway (C-4 pathway) (H-S-K pathway)

Significance of H-S pathway (C-4 pathway) (H-S-K pathway) are as follows.

  • ·        It is the characteristic pathway of biochemical reactions during the Dark phase (Phase –II) of photosynthesis in C-4 plants.
  • ·        The C-4 pathway makes the C-4 plant photo synthetically 2-3 times more efficient than C-3 plants.
  • ·        The C-4 pathway can maintain high rate of photosynthesis even at relatively higher temperature and higher light intensities as compared to C-3 plants.
  • ·        This is because C-4 pathway increases the adaptability of C-4 plants to comparatively higher temperatures and light intensities.
  • ·        As photo respiration is absent in C-4 plants the C-4 cycle is able to maintain the normal rate of photosynthesis even under conditions of lower CO2 conc. and higher O2 conc.