Significance of CAM Pathway

Significance of CAM Pathway is as under:-

  • ·        The CAM plants have adapted themselves to fix atmospheric CO2 during night (dark CO2 fixation).
  • ·        In CAM plants, the green cells do not have dimorphic chloroplasts. All the chloroplasts are of normal type.
  • ·        The biochemical reaction in CAM pathway are similar to H-S pathway of C-4 plants. However, in CAM plants, the C-4 cycle is completed at night (dark activity) and C-3 cycle is completed during day time (day activity).This is a special adaptation in CAM  plants in response to desert conditions.
  • ·        This adaptation allows the CAM plants to survive for longer periods in light (day time) even without taking in atmospheric CO2 (since stomata are closed during day time). They generate the CO2 required for the day photosynthetic activity through the decarboxylation of the malic acid.