Significance of Aerobic Respiration

The significance of Aerobic respiration is as under:-

  • 1.     It is the characteristic energy releasing and energy supplying catabolic process in all aerobic organisms.
  • 2.     It occurs only in those cells which contain mitochondria in the cell cytoplasm.
  • 3.     It involves stepwise intracellular oxidation of organic molecules in to CO2, H2O and energy.
  • 4.     It conserves  40%  of the energy (as ATP) released in the oxidation of the subtrate. Thus, aerobic respiration shows 40% efficiency.
  • 5.     The conserved energy (ATP) is made available for cellular activities.
  • 6.     Most important significance of aerobic respiration is that the biologically usable chemical energy (ATP) is released in installments at various steps during the process. As a result, it can be properly and completely used for cellular activities without any wastage.
  • 7.     Many intermediate compounds of the process are useful for other metabolic processes in the cells.
  • 8.     Similarly,a number of intermediate compounds of this process are important industrially and economically.