Significance of Anaerobic Respiration

The significance of Anaerobic respiration is as under:-

  • 1.     It is the energy releasing and energy supplying catabolic process in anaerobic organisms.
  • 2.     It operates in absence of oxygen (without utilization of oxygen) and therefore, anaerobes can survive in the anaerobic conditions.
  • 3.     Prior to the evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis, when the atmosphere was totally anaerobic in nature, anaerobic respiration was the only source of energy release and supply for all organisms at that time.
  • 4.     However, the efficiency of anaerobic respiration is quite low i.e. just 2.12 % only. It means, it conserves only 2.12 % of the total released energy in the usable form (ATP energy).
  • 5.     One of the disadvantages of anaerobic respiration is the formation of alcohol as one of the end product