Significance of T.C.A. Cycle

The significance of T.C.A. cycle is as under:-

  • 1.     It brings about complete and final oxidation of 2-c acetyl Co-A in the aerobic respiration.
  • 2.     It produces simple and harmless end products such as CO2 and H2O.
  • 3.     It is responsible for the major share of energy release and supply during aerobic respiration (out of the total 38 ATP formed during aerobic respiration of glucose, kreb’s cycle (TCA cycle) accounts for 24 ATP).
  • 4.     TCA cycle produces many important 4-c, 5-c and 6-c organic acids as the intermediates during the process.
  • 5.     TCA cycle occurs in mitochondrial matrix in presence of oxygen. Thus, it takes place only in the aerobes.